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Do you ever feel intimidated, nervous or lost at the gym?

Are you on the hamster wheel of 'on again > off again' with the gym?

Are you lacking consistency and results from your efforts at the gym?

You're in the right place -- I've got your back girlfriend!


My mission is for every woman to become properly educated and feel empowered, confident and totally badass in the gym


By teaching you how to train like a badass through key principles of strength, mobility, flexibility and calisthenics (ie cool skillzzzzz).


I've spent my career learning and developing both my own training and also as a strength and movement coach. I've studied SO many different modalities of 'fitness' so I truly have seen it all and I've called bullsh*t on a lot of the crazy 'fads' and ineffective hyped up training methods.


Which qualified me to be able to create programs for my clients that are way more effective than any HIIT gym or downloadable PDF program. At Wild Fox way, we strengthen your weaknesses, bulldoze your limitations and unlock things that you never believed were possible!


That's why the women here get results and keep coming back for more!

Following a sustainable method of training transforms your relationship with yourself and the gym + you get to see really epic progress that keeps you inspired and in love with moving your body and consistent with your training. 

If you want to:

- Train with confidence at the gym

- Have the knowledge and tools to lead yourself

- Be inspired by your own progress from training


Then you're in the right place girlfriend!


Let's do this thing and get you off the hamster wheel, leading yourself with confidence and an unbreakable relationship with training and the gym (or wherever you desire to workout). 

If you have any questions in the meantime, my inbox is always open!

Shenoa x

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