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When you sign up to a gym or start getting into exercise, it can be really intimidating. There's so much conflicting information out there and so many different ways to train that it can be really confusing!


Getting out of your comfort zone and making a change is an important step towards getting results but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. 


You can read every article on the internet, follow every 'fitness guru' on Instagram, try every gym class, download every fitness guide and free app yet still not feel like you’re not getting anywhere. 


You can go to the gym everyday, walk on the treadmill for hours, do HIIT classes, work up a sweat and still not get the results you want. .


These are all GREAT places to start, yet they rarely work long-term for a number of reasons…


They don’t equip you with the hands on guidance, feedback, attention or accountability that is required to stay engaged for long enough to see the changes and develop long-lasting results. 


Don’t get me wrong, movement in any form is GREAT not only for your body but for your mental capacity also. Starting somewhere is better than not starting at all. However, if you are not getting the results or noticing the changes, it can be difficult to stay motivated, self-disciplined or empowered to keep going.  


This is what sets coaching at Wild Fox Way apart and makes this experience totally different for you…


You gain access to the guidance, accountability and feedback that other classes and programs can't give you.


You gain the 1 on 1 attention that you can’t get in a gym class, following a pre-made program or walking on a treadmill. 


You gain access to the knowledge and expertise of a coach who has walked the path before you. 


You gain a program that has been designed with you and for you that is specific to your needs, what makes you tick and what you’re working towards so that you stay engaged and motivated by your own results. 


You gain quality education that will give you the empowerment you need to develop an ongoing relationship with exercise and training


Once you learn how to truly understand the way your body works, how to train effectively, what the right techniques are and you start to see results in your strength and ability, you build a different kind of relationship  with exercise and training that is long-lasting. 


I don’t want you to waste your time trying to figure it out alone. It took me years to develop the knowledge and expertise I have now. It took years of trial and error on my own personal fitness journey and as a coach. This is why I can help…


I know how it feels to go through the cycle over and over and over again and how it feels to gain momentum, get results and then lose them to unsustainable training methods or fad diets. 


I also know how it feels now to have sustainable results, be strong, fit and able to say yes to more adventures and to handle whatever life throws my way… if this is what you want too then I am so excited for you to discover what’s possible for you too! 


I can’t wait to work with you!

The good news is... I hacked it, my clients are now hacking it and you can too!


I want to save you some heart-ache and give you access to the support I wish I had invested in when I started... 


So... if you:


  • Don't know how to use equipment or train correctly at the gym or at home

  • Want this to work and see results without burning out or quitting on yourself

  • Want to develop strength and feel confident in your training and body so you can say 'yes' to more 

  • Want to learn proper foundations of movement, mobility AND strength to get well-rounded results

  • Are willing to invest in yourself, be coachable and get accountability from a coach walks the talk


Then I am really, really glad you’re here!

I believe there's a lack of genuine fitness programs (and coaches) that actually teach you how to train properly and stand on your own two feet. I'm on a mission to change that and improve the way women relate to fitness and themselves. 

1 on 1 coaching gives you the knowledge and attention you truly deserve when you invest in a program and helps you take back your health and fitness in an empowering way. Your program is fully customised week to week according to your goals, schedule, how many times you want to train each week and how long you want each workout to be.

Then you film yourself performing a couple of repetitions of each exercise so that I can review the footage. This is how I give you hands-on coaching and feedback online along with bite-sized education on the how and why behind your programming so that you can learn more, become empowered and implement the changes on a week-to-week basis.


Everyone feels nervous about the filming at the start but it quickly becomes your favourite part because you get to see your progress and confidence increase each week and that motivates you to show up and keep going.

This is why the women at WFW are getting mind blowing results every week!

Take Sonita for example… 


When Sonita started with me she had been training at a high-intensity circuit class gym. The classes had 20-30 people in them and usually only 2 instructors so the attention to detail was completely missed and she developed some poor habits with technique that were causing issues and holding her back from developing the strength and results she was capable of. 


She started working with me and it took a couple of weeks to iron out her weaknesses and imbalances by building her foundations and developing her basic movement patterns - huge results. Then after the first 3 months, she started seeing even more results VERY rapidly and this motivated her to continue. Working together, I was able to develop her program and increase her training volume week by week and she has grown from strength to strength, literally! 


Here’s what Sonita has to say about her journey so far…











So what’s next?


The Wild Fox Way tribe are all getting the most amazing results and I have no doubt you will too! They all started exactly where you are… they were nervous, they were scared it wasn’t going to work, they were worried about investing the money and time.


Now they trust the process, share their challenges, apply the feedback and see consistent, steady, ongoing results.

What do you get when you sign up to 1 on 1 Online Coaching?

• A profile with our True Coach app where you will access your program, track your progress and receive coaching and feedback on technique every session

• Weekly Customised Fitness Programming with Instructional Videos

• Footage Review & Feedback on all sessions (this is how I coach you)

• Weekly check-in via zoom

• Daily messaging access via the app 

• Access to the online community (more on this below)


What’s more…


When you sign up to Online Coaching, you’re not just getting a coach… You’re also getting access to an entire community of goal-focused, open-minded, encouraging, supportive women who are all on their own health and fitness journey too.


You can get involved in challenges, join the live zoom calls, learn together, get access to pre-recorded workout videos and connect with like-minded gal pals. This community is full of hype-gals cheering each other on, asking great questions, learning loads more about holistic health and getting extra support for your 1 on 1 programming.

The way I program for my 1 on 1 clients is intentional, purposeful and educational. 

You will be rid of useless, unhelpful fitness 'gimmicks' and instead, be given a proven structure and program that factors in your lifestyle and any changes that occur so that you don't have to feel guilty for missing a workout or being busy  (life happens)!

This isn't another general online weight-loss, 'fad' or 'quick-fix' program. You'll learn all the important technique and form cues, where you should be feeling each movement and how to make little ongoing changes specific to your body for continual progress. This will also equip you with the tools to alleviate any niggles, aches or pains for life!


If you are tired of HIIT gyms, 8 week challenges with unsustainable results or 'quick-fix' programs with a bunch of 'squat jumps' and 'burpees' that you don't enjoy and can't stick to, then this is for you!


As your coach, I take an approach that gives you what you need AND want. It's my job to make this work fro you and to know when to give you a gentle nudge for accountability and also when to encourage you to ease off and make sure you're tackling your health and fitness from a holistic perspective.

All that's left to do now is fill out the contact form below and I'll be in touch to organise a no-strings-attached call with you so we can get to know each other and work out together whether Wild Fox Way is the right fit for you!

Love and virtual hugs,

Shenoa x

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