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ABOUT  Wild Fox Way

Wild Fox Way is so much more than a 'fitness' movement. It's a way of life that helps women tap into their potential, gain confidence and vitality alongside a tribe of  women who support, encourage and hype each other up to get results and share their success! 


Being part of Wild Fox Way gives you access to coaching, accountability and quality education so that you fall in love with training and achieve steady, consistent results. 


I'm Shenoa Fox, the founder of Wild Fox Way.  My greatest passions in life are movement, holistic health, human potential and helping women get strong, confident and empowered through training because it's an important life pillar for longevity it's truly life-changing...


Strength, movement, boundless energy, confidence and empowerment is gained through quality education and implementation. I have dedicated my life to becoming a top-rate health & movement coach with integrity who walks the talk and gets every client mind-blowing results! 


Every week, my clients develop strength and unlock their true capabilities! There's nothing more motivating seeing your own progress and using it as fuel to your fire to stay consistent week to week.


Whether you join 1 on 1 Coaching, Group Classes + Courses or the Online Community, you'll gain access to a whole new way of connecting with 'fitness' and health that debunks the toxic industry fads that block you from the results you want.

I believe there's a lack of genuine fitness programs (and coaches) that teach you how to train properly and empower you to stand on your own two feet. Wild Fox Way is here to raise the bar in the online fitness space and improve the way women relate to fitness and themselves. 

If you are sick of 8 week challenges that lead to unsustainable results or 'quick-fix' programs with a bunch of 'squat jumps' and 'burpees' that lead you to burnout and you just don't enjoy or stick to, then you're in the right place...


This isn't another weight-loss 'fad' or 'quick-fix' program. It's a hands on, proven method and process where you learn all the important technique cues, where you should be feeling each movement and how to make little ongoing changes specific to your body for continual progress.

You will also completely alleviate any annoying aches, pains or niggles and be rid of useless, unhelpful fitness 'gimmicks' for good! 

What's next? Simply take the next step and let's get you going!

Here's how you can become part of Wild Fox Way...

Sign up to 1 on 1 coaching, join our next 6 week Kick-Starter group coaching course or join the online community.

If you're local to the Sunshine Coast, QLD you can attend a group PT session at the Wild Fox Way studio here.

6 Week Online Group Coaching
Online Community Membership... coming soon!
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