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How does online coaching work?

Every week, you will have access to your customised workouts with written cues and instructional exercise videos via the app we use called True Coach. You are then required to film a couple of repetitions of each exercise in your workout and upload these to the app. This is how I coach you! I review your footage closely and give you specific feedback and guidance.


You will also be able to send messages via the app with any questions that arise and receive unlimited alterations to your weekly programming. 


It's normal to feel nervous about filming yourself at the start but this quickly becomes the part everyone loves the most, we have a lot of fun with it and these videos also become your own progress tracking library where you get to see your improvements and results every week!

How much does the program cost?

There aren't many online programs that are as detailed, customised and hands-on as this one.That's why our clients get results and that's reflected in the price. We have both upfront and flexible payment plan options to work with your budget. Our weekly 1 on 1 Online Coaching options start at $122/week.

Can anyone do this program?

The Wild Fox Way online program is for women who are ready to make a change and improve the way they move and relate to fitness and health.

You don't need to be any particular level of fitness or strength to get started. There's no right or wrong time. It just requires you to invest in yourself, trust the process and play full out bu showing up and putting in the work each week.

How long does 1 on 1 Coaching go for?

Your initial commitment is 12 weeks in which you will learn the principles of movement, develop tour foundations and fundamental exercises specific to your needs and goals.


Beyond the first phase of your coaching, you have the option to continue training on a week to week basis. Most of our clients find they have the biggest break-throughs in their strength and goals beyond the initial 12 weeks because they have build solid foundations and get to develop new skills and set new goals to work towards. 

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