8 Week Online Group
Coaching Program

Join my signature 8 Week Online Group Coaching Program...


You will come out of the next 8 weeks with:

- Increased confidence in the gym (or train at home more effectively)

- A deeper connection with your body, improved strength, mobility and flexibility - - More precise understanding of technique on 80+ exercises 

- Consistency in your training structure and routine

- New connections with like minded powerhouse women 

To join all you need is to:

- Commit to training 3x week

- Have access to a gym or a space at home to workout

- Be willing to film and submit footage of yourself completing the requested exercises (this is for personalised coaching feedback purposes only and don't worry... everyone feels nervous about this at the start but it soon becomes the best part because you get to visually see your results from week to week)

- Be friendly, coachable and committed to becoming the strongest version of yourself

"You'll develop the confidence and insight to be able to step

into the gym or a workout and train like an absolute queen!"


The next round begins 18th July 2022, spots are limited so click that link below to

sign up or jump into the contact page to ask me any questions :)

Keep scrolling to see what some of the gals from previous rounds had to say...


Marta G

I loved the variety of exercises and controlled movements - so beneficial for our bodies and the fact that I was able to get into a routine and join a gym again, with no pressure and no shame.


Shenoa is an incredible coach. She helps you along the way, giving accurate feedback and analysing precisely the unaligned parts of your body that interfere with the exercise. 

I felt supported and guided throughout the whole program. It's incredible, I enjoyed every single bit of it! I feel stronger, more flexible and my mobility has improved massively.


Jemma R

So much that I enjoyed about this program, OMG! Getting way outside my comfort zone, having to film ourselves (even when I didn't want to initially) but getting to watch the progress later made it all so, so worth it!

I loved working with Shenoa, she is straight up amazing. SO passionate about moving the body WELL and cutting through the BS, fads, trends & noise. So encouraging but also real when life things come up. She walks her talk and treats you like a real human and not just another client with a cookie cutter program to hand out. Just a ball of motivating sunshine pretty much :)


Felicity J

I loved having a structure and guidance to my strength training, I loved seeing the other group members doing the same exercises and experiencing the same thing. It made me feel more accountable.

Definitely feeling stronger and less back aches. I feel more confidence in the gym now as well and got lots out of the weekly calls in relation to time management, prioritizing and reflection.

Shenoa was so positive, encouraging and provided specific feedback to improve results. It was great knowing that she was keeping track on our progress and knew how much we had improved or regressed.