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Reflections & Intentions Journal Prompts 2022

The end of the year is my favourite time to slow down, replenish and reflect on the year that has been and create space for the new year. There are many ways to tune into what you want going forward, what you're ready to let go of and connect with the energy you want to bring forth into the year ahead.

In order to create this space, it's important to pause, turn inwards and allow yourself to dream up the possibilities that lie ahead for your life and who you want to become.

To help you with this process, I have created a workbook with some simple journal prompts and planner pages to help you go into 2022 with clarity, direction and purpose.

This is my gift to you to help you step into the new year with a full heart feeling ready to live a fulfilled, empowered life so you can take that energy out into the world and let it ripple out to all those around you :)

Click the link below to download your workbook - happy reflecting and intention setting legend!

2022 Reflections & Intentions Journal Prompts
Download PDF • 201KB

If you're ready to focus more on improving your movement, fitness and health, get in touch here to chat with me more about how you can take action and achieve your goals in 2022.

Lots of love,

Shenoa x

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