My top tips to help you break through fear in the gym & feel more confident

It's totally normal to feel nervous, hesitant or completely intimidated by the weights area. All the equipment is big, bulky and confusing if you've never been taught how to use it properly.

Most women I speak to in the gym want to start strength training but are nervous using the weights area because they don't know what they're doing, don't want to look stupid or hurt themselves or are worried about building too much muscle or becoming too 'bulky'.

If this is you too, I'm going to help bust both of these barriers for you today by showing you how to set up a barbell and some different exercises they are used for to help you see that once you know what you're doing, it's all way less complicated than you think ;)

Let's tackle the 'getting bulky' fear first. There's a huge stigma around getting bulky from lifting weights because the fitness industry is rife with advertising that showcases fitness models. What you don't realise is that these 'fitness models' are probably not what you are aspiring to and that's okay. What you also don;t realise is what it takes to get there! Those women are sacrificing things, putting in hours and hours of training each day, not to mention the volume of food and restriction they have to adhere to in order to be able to shape their body that way and have the energy required to train for that!

Unless you're planning to start prepping for a body building comp or want to be a fitness model, you probably won't need to worry about getting bulky :p So get over yourself and get into strength training! It's fun, you'll feel like a badass, you'll get awesome results and it's also just plain necessary to build your bone density and avoid issues later in life.


Let's tackle the fear of the weights room. This fear, I can relate to and understand for sure! If you have never been taught how to use the equipment or received guidance with lifting techniques or which exercises you need to do - of course you're going to feel like a fish out of water!

This not an instructional guide on how to perform barbell exercises, however it IS a guide to give you some raw, unfiltered behind the scenes footage of what setting up a barbell for different exercises looks like. This can help you can mentally and visually prepare yourself and gain a better understanding of how this area is used so you don't need to feel so daunted by it when it comes time for you to begin using heavier weights and exploring different styles of training and areas of the gym (or even just walking through that area).

In the video at the bottom of this guide (scroll down), I take you through how to adjust the height of the rack for different exercises and how to safely manoeuvre a barbell around with more ease.

I definitely don't recommend throwing yourself right into barbell work if you haven't done any foundational strength work. Unless you have been training consistently and have developed a base level of strength with correct technique, it's never a good idea to start loading your body with heavy weights.

If you have already worked with barbells in the past but have had some time off, make sure you spend a few months developing your strength and technique again first before you jump back into heavier weights.

If you know you're not ready for barbell work yet, may this video to give you some insight to let go of any fear you have around strength training and inspire you to get into it because the benefits are absolutely incredible. Increased bone density, confidence, strength, power and overall body composition and ability just to name a few!

If you want to get started and develop your foundational strength, jump over to the contact page and let's chat about how I can help.

Happy learning and as always, I would absolutely love to hear your feedback and answer any questions :)

Without further ado, here's the guide to setting up in the weights area:

Move well legend,

Shenoa xo

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