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Want a Strong Core? Do this...

Planks are an awesome exercise! One of the greats for developing a strong core. They're also just a really efficient full body exercise... when they're done correctly (which sadly, is not often).

The plank is one of the most common exercises you come across in gym classes and online programs so in this fitness guide I am going to take you through the technique cues that you need to know to perform a plank so that you actually hit the right muscles and avoid hurting your lower back.

What most people get wrong in the plank is the position of the pelvis. In this guide I am going to refer to anterior and posterior pelvic tilt which you can learn more about here. Keep scrolling for the plank technique breakdown.

Then at the bottom of the guide, I also filmed a video for you to take you through the steps and explain how to get this right so make sure you follow along with that (it's a to-the-point, practical video that will really make a big difference for you).

How to Perform a Correct Plank

Step 1: Get into a 'push up' start position. You can put your forearms on the ground instead of your hands if your wrists aren't strong enough to load yet. Your elbows/hands should line up directly underneath your shoulders and your knees should be off the ground balancing on your toes.

Step 2: Make sure your pelvis and spine are in the correct alignment (posterior pelvic tilt). Squeeze your glutes and tighten your abdominals by tucking your hip bones towards your ribcage.

Step 3: Keep a neutral neck and spine. You should see a straight line from your head to your heels.

Things to Remember

1. Don’t let your hips or stomach drop too low. This will feel easy at the start but it is incorrect and will cause issues for your lower back and also defeats the purpose of the exercise because your core will not be able to engage in this position.

2. When your form drops, stop. You’ll only benefit from the plank by holding form. If you drop form, it becomes counter-productive.

A tip I give my 1 on 1 clients is to do a body scan while you're holding your plank by bringing awareness to each part of your body as you hold the position from head to toe ensuring you're maintaining a posterior pelvic tilt and protracting your shoulder blades (watch the video at the bottom of this guide for more instructions and explanation of these).

Watch the video:

Epic work! Thanks for joining in. As you know, I am all about quality education so you can get results and develop consistency in your training for longevity and ongoing strength and quality movement.

When you learn to move well, it sets you up for life and gives you a boost in confidence, self-esteem and your own potential. You're capable of so much more than you realise and I want you to be able to say yes to more adventures and yes to life without the fear of not being able to do something!

I also really love hearing how you go with these guides so as always, drop me a comment, leave some feedback here or head to this link to find out how you can work with me to receive accountability, programming and coaching.

Move well legend,

Shenoa x

PS feel free to share this guide with friends and family who might benefit!

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