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Client Testimonials

Why you should join Wild Fox Way...

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I used to hate working out and would struggle to drag myself to the gym but working with Shenoa has changed that for me.


My fitness programs are specific to what I need and the unique exercises always attract compliments in the gym and get people asking questions - I have had soo many compliments on how strong I look and it has increased my confidence in the gym so much!



I can definitely say, joining Wild Fox Way was a pivotal moment of change in my life. With the guidance and support provided, I now have a deeper understanding of my body. My form in movements like lunges and planks was shocking but now I am able to hold a plank for 5 mins!

It has been a continuous journey of development and improvement for me in both my body and mindset and I am incredibly grateful to be working with Shenoa.

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I’m getting results so quickly now where as before, I’d tend to get stuck and bored. Being able to train wherever I want, even when I went away for a week, makes this online programming so convenient.

Shenoa has been able to transform my life in so many positive ways and recognised limitations in my body and corrected them.



Given my busy schedule, my journey with Shenoa has not just been about building consistency in my exercise but also about trying out hacks and tips to live an optimal life.


My workouts are dynamic, I'm kept accountable and I can confidently say I get the best results when Shenoa is training me.

If you have been looking for a way to build a happier and stronger mind and body you need to speak with Shenoa. 



I love having structure and guidance in my strength training!

I am definitely feeling stronger and have way less back aches.


I feel more confident in the gym and I get so much out of the weekly zoom calls not just for technique but for life optimisation also in relation to time management, holistic health and reflection.

Shenoa is so positive, encouraging and her specific feedback is so valuable! It's awesome knowing that she is keeping track of our progress and knows how to program for success!

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